IT Service Management

Bring Agility to Your Business with IT Service Management

IT Service Management solution provides consistency and improves service and support performance. Through standardized process IT team can improve resolution times. The service desk solution will help you:

  • Build, modify, and automate IT Service Management and business processes or get started quickly with pre-defined configurable processes such as incident, request, change and more
  • Automate repetitive tasks such as password resets or service request fulfillment, freeing staff for other projects
  • Simplify integration with pre-built connectors for data sources and directory services

Our IT Service Management (ITSM) tool is a complete end user management solution which will provide a unified environment to manage the end users. The Service Management platform is a process based and comes with the out of box processes verified against ITIL best practices. The it-service-managementsolution provides an integrated approach to handle End User Management, IT Asset Management and IT Service Management.

Organizational Process Automation: Due to the process-based approach, the solution can be used to automate organizational processes. The legacy paper-based processes such as HR, Finance, Procurement, Admin, Legal, etc. can be easily transformed to automated processes. This will facilitate a unified platform for end users to request from any department within the organization. The platform can be extended to automate processes outside the organization (customers and vendors). The solution presents a code free environment which will enable users to build processes without the need to have programming resources. The solution can also integrate with other solutions in the current environment to provide a single, unified interface to end users to raise incidents/requests and get updates on their incidents/requests.

The ITSM tool such as LANDesk also provides an integrated systems management, patch management, security management, mobile device management and IT Asset management modules which will complement the IT Service management processes. LANDesk ITSM solution portfolio also includes a powerful self service reporting and dashboard tool which can provide unified dashboards from different modules. LANDesk ITSM tool is also capable of connecting to third party solutions to provide complete visibility on KPI’s and performance of different teams.

With Intertec’s consulting approach, we help the clients to ensure the success of service management transformation, following a phased approach to manage internal changes. Our in-house consultants will engage with customer stakeholders to define the processes, which ensures that process complies with the standards such as ISO 20000 and ITIL V3, while adhering to the customer’s unique features. The process documentation sets will be easily available for reference, audits or any other requirements. The engagement of process consultants will address any process gaps that could otherwise arise. The solution will ensure that the customer would not face any compliance challenges with respect to process definition if the customer chooses for a third party audit or certifications such as ISO 20000:2011.

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Benefits of IT Service Management (ITSM)

Reduced costs while meeting required service levels

Decreased risk and increased control by understanding how changes impact services and service levels

Increased efficiency and productivity by enabling the automation of processes, allowing resource redistribution

Faster incident logging and improved resolution while minimizing recurring incidents

Efficient and higher quality problem solving

Clarity and control over service levels

Highly configurable solution to meet organizational needs

An ideal way to deliver shared services both outside the IT department and with other organizations

Unified reporting and dashboards to report on KPIs and performance

Highlights of the Service Desk Solution

Business Service Catalog

  • Provide a familiar, consumer-style catalog of services to meet the rising expectations of business users. Enable them to choose services quickly and easily, monitor progress, and view historical requests anywhere, 24/7
  • Reduce the volume of requests and boost efficiency by publishing services to users based on what they’re allowed to request. Exclude previously requested services
  • Users can search for services quickly or view a graphical hierarchy of services to find what they need
  • Integrate easily with leading systems management tools and leverage the automation platform to automate fulfillment

Mobile ITSM

  • Deliver the IT Service Management support, services, and data your users need—through fast, secure mobile access

Asset Management

  • Helps your organization to manage your assets across procurement, active life cycle, and disposals so you can optimize end-to-end asset usage for optimal value and lower costs

Integration and Automation

  • Integrate with IT tools and data to improve service-level response times. Create efficiencies and reduce errors by orchestrating IT automation across systems
  • Integrate all elements of your system using a wide choice of out-of-the-box integrations for a comprehensive configuration management environment

Reporting and Dashboards

  • Visualize at-a-glance dashboards about ITSM performance for continuous service improvement. Quickly gain trend insights to apply context for better decision-making.