IT Asset Management

IT Asset Management

Discover All IT Assets in Your Organization with IT Asset Management Software

IT Asset Management (ITAM) provides ways to monitor the existing IT assets within an organization, and track their current state and history so as to take better decisions on IT investments. In bigger organizations with thousands of IT assets, discovering and managing such IT assets is even tougher.

IT Asset Management helps answer key executive concerns such as:

  • What do we currently have?
  • Where is it located?
  • How is it being utilized?
  • What is the current state?
  • Who is maintaining it?

IT Asset Management is one area where organizations can focus to optimize the IT expenditure. Through proper implementation of IT Asset Management solution, organizations can track the physical, financial and contractual aspects of assets and make informed decisions on the maintenance, procurement, and disposal of assets, thereby reducing IT costs. In an ideal situation, ITAM solution will be tightly integrated with the ITSM solution to provide a 360-degree view of assets.

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IT Asset Management Solution Components

It’s critical to discover and track all the existing IT assets in your organization. IT Asset Management Software helps you achieve this with an easy to use UI.  The team equipped with ITAM software can save dramatic IT cost eradicating unused software licenses, tracking IT inventory, optimal purchase order management, tracking asset history to make informed decisions, and much more.


Inventory Management

Agent-based and Agentless inventory to cover automatic inventory of all IT assets within the network.


Asset Lifecycle Management

Build efficient processes to manage the asset lifecycle for both hardware and software assets


Contracts Management

Manage vendor and customer contracts through well-defined contract management processes.

Software Compliance

Software License Management

Optimize software license cost through effective software license management and compliance reporting.


Hassle-Free Integration

Integrate with existing solutions (like ERP) to provide complete visibility on assets.


Advanced Dashboards and Reporting

Gain organization level visibility on asset utilization, performance, budget planning, etc. through customizable dashboards and reports.

Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management is one of the major aspects of IT Asset Management. SAM will help organizations to have full control over the software license Purchase and utilization. It also helps organizations to optimize software license costs.

We provide the right tools to collect the inventory of software licenses utilized by users (at endpoint level & Datacenter level). Based on the data collected through the inventory, we configure right tools to help optimize the license costs. The first step will be the normalization of the license details discovered. The solution is capable of providing advanced dashboards/reports on the compliance levels with details like licenses procured, licenses used etc. and drill down on users who are utilizing the license, the number of times used, total time used, etc.

The solution also comes with built-in functionalities to automatically reclaim unused licenses. The solution will also be able to provide advanced reporting and dashboards with budget requirements to maintain compliance on licenses.


Hardware Asset Management

IT Asset Management

Hardware Asset Management includes maintaining an up to date inventory of assets. This inventory is capable of collecting the inventory of Laptops, Desktops, Servers, Printers, Routers, Switches, mobiles etc. which are connected to the network. The solution also allows inventory of roaming users through secured channels. The solution provides a unified interface to maintain the repository of all assets in an environment. The solution provides advanced integrations capabilities to pull asset information from external solutions like ERP. This will help to maintain a single repository with Physical, financial and contractual information pertaining to assets.

The solution is tightly integrated with ITSM Solution to provide complete visibility regarding an asset. This will help in taking informed decisions while the user requests for replacement of their devices. From one interface, Asset Manager will be able to get the complete history of asset including procurement, financial, transfers, incidents, maintenance etc. performed on the asset. Dashboards / Reports can be configured to get details on the budget requirements for replacement of assets based on the age of assets.

Intertec has also built add-on barcoding module for the solution which will help to fast track the periodic audit of assets.