Public Sector

The government sector is growing in terms of infrastructure, technology and meeting public demands. Intertec leverages our best-in-class portfolio to address intricate requirements of the sector. Our services help the public sector to connect & work closely with citizens. Intertec has also taken initiatives to build bilingual skills to extend its support to the sector. We have worked with 50+ Government departments over the years on various requirements on applications, IT infrastructure and managed services.

Government Compliance Enforcement

Public Authorities are increasingly trying to adopt:

  • Compliance & Accountability at all levels
  • Digitization
  • Citizen Safety & Services
  • Reduction in Revenue Leakage

Public Authorities can automate their processes from Licensing to managing all their inspections & compliances. Our automation impacts the field inspectors with mobility and improves revenue collection with process.

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Managed Services

Let us help you to control IT support with customizable managed services covering data centers, cloud, networks, end users and applications, over a long term transformational journey. We will bring in the efficiency and effectiveness with ITSM process consulting, technology automation, skill deployment, remote services and SLA’s.

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Managed IT Services
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Application Management

Application support requires multiple skills, not limited to core technical and functional application skills, database skills, supporting infrastructure support skills and analytics.

We are able to provide the varied skills as a service to our customers using shared or dedicated support and change management services. We also provide end to end application management services with ITIL processes.

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Application Management Services

Enterprise Asset Management

We have assisted 100+ asset intensive organizations to achieve the following objectives:

  • Track and report costs accurately against assets and activities.
  • Plan, schedule, and execute effective maintenance programs.
  • Create detailed asset inventories and agency-specific asset inspections.
  • Record and track requests for service.
  • Leverage GIS technology to create a more accurate inventory of infrastructure assets.

Manage assets from departments such as water, sewer, storm, streets and roadways, parks, plants, railways, customer service, and the list goes on.

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Application Services

Implementing a Private or Hybrid Cloud

Create the optimum working environment for your business, leverage on new technologies and improve the utilization of your IT resources. Whether you want to adopt Cloud technologies to host business process and applications or transform the IT landscape to offer true infrastructure as a service capability, our Virtualization and Private Cloud Services practice can hold your hand all the way.

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Citizen Services

The engagement with citizens involves mapping execution to business strategy and thereby process consulting to technology.

We assist Governments to enhance their citizen services with implementing shared services, contact centers, mobile user experience, application development and integration services, and various breadths of to achieve their ultimate objective – Effective, Optimal and Accessible Citizen Services.

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