Schools, universities and educational institutions face increasing pressures to control costs, whilst improving the quality of education experiences to meet rising student expectations.

We cater to several education institutes in working with their learning management, ERP, Oracle, Microsoft, IT infrastructure, and other requirements. We also encourage education licensing for institutes for some of our own products like ERP and hospitality front office & back office management to be taught as a part of curriculum.

Cloud Networks

Being in the business of creating the future, it is given that educational institutions are always looking for IT investment protection, highly responsive IT landscape and faster ROI. We have worked with best of breed products and technologies to build a highly available and agile compute platform so that the business criticality of the application it runs is intact and preserved. Piggybacking on our expertise in the field, delivering meticulously designed cloud networks is a joyride we can have with schools and institutes of all sizes and needs.

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Inter office Collaboration
Information Management
Remote Monitoring

IT Infrastructure Solutions

We have aligned with leading brands and specialized in their proprietary technologies to facilitate small business in meeting their corporate objectives. Take advantage of our vendor relationship decades which translate directly to your technology enablement and peace of mind. We know by its pulse, that the explosion of information in this digital age has led to a need for an ever increasing demand in computing and storage capacity. It has also become critical to protect your data from theft, loss or unforeseen accidental events or disasters.

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Enterprise Asset Management
Business Intelligence
Application Services

Networks and Security

Our networks and security practices ensures a forked approach to provide multi-layer protection across the network, application and perimeter. We deploy sturdy two factor authentication, Unified Threat Management and Data Leakage Prevention to prevent today’s small businesses from outages due to Internet and other security challenges by developing a solid security eco-system which identifies and tackles threats in real time.

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Hospitality Property Management
BPO & Contact Center

Business Intelligence

Business applications and database are built to handle day-to-day operations and operational reports and they do not automatically produce single version of truth or deliver analysis, slice and dice of the data.

Intertec BI and DW services are designed to help clients manage data from disparate sources and convert it into consistent, actionable information. Our Business Intelligence consulting and design, development and implementation services help clients define their strategy and business Intelligence roadmap.

We implement and manage data warehousing, Oracle business Intelligence Applications, analytics and reporting applications that provide tangible business benefits to

  • Maintain timely and correct information
  • Perform Informed decision making

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Microsoft Office 365
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft SharePoint

Remote Monitoring

Our Network Operations Center (NOC) has evolved with offerings of Monitoring and Alerting services for Small businesses. We understand the limitations on your infrastructure and we can provide you the leverage of our expertise so you can focus on your business. You can steal our thunder, use our NOC for remote Network and Device, server, database and application monitoring. Intertec’s NOC provides revolutionary infrastructure management services in a consistent, predictable and cost-efficient manner. The innate methodology and tools are designed to help organizations reduce costs and increase operational efficiencies.

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Application Management
Application Development
Resource Outsourcing

Application Services

  • Compliance & Accountability at all levels
  • Digitization
  • Citizen Safety & Services
  • Reduction in Revenue Leakage

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Inspection & Compliance
Business Process Automation