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Businesses want to increasingly reduce the cost per transaction, while improving customer experience. Our multi-channel contact center and BPO solutions integrated with business applications provide opportunities for businesses to differentiate in their market perception. We provide outsourced contact center services, technology outsourcing, enterprise contact center technologies and operational consulting services.


Technology Services

We partner with contact center technology leaders vendors such as Enghouse Interactive (CosmoCom), Cisco, Avaya, Sytel and Aspect in different geographies. We are able to deliver service provider cloud models, premise based contact centers and technology outsourcing to businesses and service providers. Further, Intertec invests in software IP and has built vendor-agnostic technologies for quality monitoring and business applications for customer processes.

Managed Contact Services

We manage customer contact center technologies in our areas of expertise. These could include L0, L1, L2 and L3 engineers depending on the technology, customer resources and principal vendor support availability. Customer contact centers could be on their premises, hosted or in our premise with flexible support delivery models.


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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Various organizations don’t want to invest in the effort on creating internal teams to manage technology, process, operations and maintenance. In such scenarios, we are capable of managing the end-to-end process related to a contact center. This could go across processes such as Order Processing, Customer Service, IT Support, Travel Management, etc.

Operations Consulting

At all times we focus on improving the way you interact and engage with your customer. We can help develop a smart contact center strategy by aligning market leading, multi-channel technology with the expectations of your consumers. We can also help create standard operating procedures and in driving agent performance improvement.


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Quality Monitoring

It is essential for every contact center to be able to measure quality of customer management. Further, the continuous feedback and learning provided through quality monitoring and agent coaching can help increase employee morale, job satisfaction and agent retention. The information captured by the metrics of a quality monitoring program provide vital customer feedback on quality, performance and service.

Order Management

E-Commerce, Food & Beverages, Electronics and other B2C businesses are trying to reduce transaction costs and improve market share. We have been developing and integrating applications to streamline our client’s ordering process and help these businesses deliver lower call abandoned ratios to close the revenue gap. We also enhance employee productivity & customer experience.

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