Accounts Payable Automation

The traditional method of processing paper-based invoices is too complicated, time-consuming and completely manual. Capturing invoice details, performing a match between the invoices, routing them for approval, entering invoice data into accounting application and ERP, and processing payment before the deadline is a tedious job. Moreover, each missed deadline for payment can lead to a penalty. Accounts Payable Automation or AP Automation can help you transform your legacy manual AP process to a much efficient and automated paperless process. This not only reduces the workload on your AP resources but also makes invoice processing faster, accurate and saves up to 50% cost.

With the help of AP Automation, you can scan paper-based invoices and turn them into digital format or images, process these images with OCR to capture all the important details, execute 3-Way match verification based on PO data, invoice and receipt data, route it for relevant approvals, and populate this data into your accounting system without any human intervention thus making the entire AP process faster and precise.

Capture Invoice Data

Capture Invoice Data

Scan the invoice & index it for further processing

Invoice Workflow

Invoice Workflow

Handle PO/Non-PO invoices according to business rules

Process Invoice

Process Invoice

Collaborate to prepare the invoice for posting

Connect to ERP

Connect to ERP

Make the invoice ready for posting into ERP & bring ERP updates back into AP automation

Supplier Self Service

Supplier Self Service

Let our system manage your global supplier interactions



Take informed decisions with the help of analytical reports

What Our Customers Achieved with Accounts Payable Automation?

Reduction in Supplier Queries
Headcount Reduction in AP
Lost Invoices
Saving on Invoice Processing
AP Related Project Delay Risk
Duplicate Payments

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How do You Measure the Success of AP Automation?

accounts payable automation

Does your organization measure the success of accounts payable automation from the savings made through reducing the headcounts in AP team? Though, it is a valid parameter but accounts payable automation can lead much better results at the enterprise level. AP automation (also referred as Invoice Processing Automation) can bring agility, traceability, accountability and reporting capabilities to help CFOs and Finance heads take smarter informed decisions.

Read our blog on Accounts Payable (AP) Automation that gives an overview about what can be accomplished with AP Automation and what ROI can you expect from its implementation.

AP Automation Features and Benefits


Centralized Supplier Self Service

Provide a self-service portal for suppliers across countries.

  • Multi-Channel Supplier Portal
  • Submit Single OR Bulk Invoice
  • Submit NON-PO invoices and trigger approval workflow
  • Track Invoice Status & Payment Status
  • Submit Query
  • View Purchase Orders
  • Update Supplier Profile
  • Beautiful User Experience


Straight Through Processing

Let the system take care of invoices that match with PO and Goods receipts.

  • straight-through to your ERP system without any manual intervention
  • Automatic 3-Way match verification based on PO data, Invoice and receipt data
  • Increase STP Using Analytics
  • Match multiple invoices to single PO


Exception Management

Let business rules manage stakeholders in invoice mismatch exceptions to save time.

  • Invoice exception workflow
  • Query Workflow
  • Approvals Workflow
  • Analyze Trends for Root Cause & Cure
  • Audit Trail


AP Headcount Performance

Improve your AP workforce management.

  • Automation of Majority Tasks
  • Workload Balancing to Improve Efficiency
  • Skill Based Routing to Improve Effectiveness
  • Analyze Performance
  • Productivity Reports for Review


ERP Exchange

We can work with your ERP and reduce the need of its licenses.

  • Standard Connectors Available for Popular ERP Products
  • API Available for Tighter Integration
  • Ability to integrate Procure to Pay



Manual operations lack control. Use our analytics to take informed decisions with suppliers and AP team.

  • Provide real time visibility and control to line managers
  • Provide real time workload information to indexers and processors
  • Improve performance week on week with data


Cloud or Premise Deployment

On average, your ROI in year 1 itself will be 50-70%. Every day you wait to decide on automation, is a lost day on cost savings and business risk control.

  • Flexible pricing models to support your corporate policy
  • Cloud and On Premise delivery available


Audit & Control Risk

Control the risk of fraud and high value payments approvals.

  • Control Business Risk with audit controls for high value invoices
  • Audit trails available for all payment approvals for governance control
  • Make informed decisions


Additional Features

Enjoy the benefits of additional features that we can add for you.

  • Penalty Management and exception approval workflows used particularly by Governments
  • Travel Expense Management for Employees and Suppliers with approval workflow
  • Multi-currency for global operations
  • Multi-lingual supporting English, Arabic, French and Spanish

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